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Fortis Inc. Enters the New York Stock Exchange


We’ll there’s one thing for sure, and that’s IT ALL STARTED HERE! Newfoundland Power has been serving electricity customers on the island of Newfoundland for nearly 130 years. Throughout that time we’ve remained focused on responding to our customers and continually improving operations. As Fortis grows in leaps and bounds, it continues to focus on these pillars of success.

On October 14, Fortis finalized its largest utility acquisition to date, adding the Michigan-based ITC Holdings to their line-up of subsidiaries. The $11.3 billion acquisition means that Fortis now has approximately 60% of its assets in the United States.

Today at approximately 11 a.m. NST, Fortis, joined by members of its subsidiary companies, will mark the official joining of the NYSE by ringing the opening bell on Wall Street. Fortis will trade under the ticker symbol “FTS” and will retain its listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange also under the symbol “FTS”.

Congratulations Fortis!