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Avoid potential wait times with self-service options

We’ve got lots of online self-service options to help make your interactions with us more convenient. When you visit our website you can:

Access your billing and payment history
Report a power outage
Set up automatic payments
Get your bill by email
Make a payment arrangement
Register for outage notifications and updates
Report a streetlight that’s not working

What are you WAITING for? Visit today!

Are you a Landlord or Property Manager?

Landlords and property management companies can manage the electricity service provided to their rental units by signing a Landlord Agreement. Landlords may sign an agreement authorizing Newfoundland Power to automatically transfer responsibility for the service to the landlord when a tenant moves out. This ensures the electricity remains on at the property and is available immediately for a new tenant. The application fee for the Landlord is waived under this agreement. Alternatively the Landlord can opt to disconnect the power at the property between tenants, but a fee will be charged upon reconnection.

When you register your properties on a Landlord Agreement we will notify you when:

  • a new tenant requests service (moves in);
  • a tenant requests a final read (moves out);
  • the electricity service is disconnected due to an outstanding issue with a tenant; and,
  • the electricity service is reconnected following resolution of the issue.

Want to help the environment while adding more convenience for you?

Then join the over 80,000 customers who’ve made the switch to ebills!!!

The conveniences are many:

  • No clutter, no mess.
  • Access anytime, anywhere, even on your mobile device.
  • A reminder email 2 business days before your discount date (optional). ebills
  • Same look as our paper bill.
  • Need a copy? Save it electronically and eliminate the paper.
  • You can view up to 36 months of ebills and eLetters.


We’re so excited that over 80,000 of our customers now enjoy the convenience of ebills…A big thank you to those who are already on-board! And if you aren’t on ebills yet, don’t wait any longer to join…it’s easy. Just go to or call us at 1-800-663-2802.