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Are you a Landlord or Property Manager?

Landlords and property management companies can manage the electricity service provided to their rental units by signing a Landlord Agreement. Landlords may sign an agreement authorizing Newfoundland Power to automatically transfer responsibility for the service to the landlord when a tenant moves out. This ensures the electricity remains on at the property and is available immediately for a new tenant. The application fee for the Landlord is waived under this agreement. Alternatively the Landlord can opt to disconnect the power at the property between tenants, but a fee will be charged upon reconnection.

When you register your properties on a Landlord Agreement we will notify you when:

  • a new tenant requests service (moves in);
  • a tenant requests a final read (moves out);
  • the electricity service is disconnected due to an outstanding issue with a tenant; and,
  • the electricity service is reconnected following resolution of the issue.