Employees receive national Lifesaving Award

Employees receive national Lifesaving Award

We couldn’t be prouder of two of our employees, Wayne Baggs and Jim Short, Meter Readers in Corner Brook. On Tuesday, November 15, 2016, Wayne and Jim attended a Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) Safety Symposium in Toronto where they each received a 2015 CEA Lifesaving Award.

This is their story:

 Jim Short and Wayne Baggs were driving east on the TCH about 5 km past Deer Lake when they came across an accident scene.  A vehicle had been travelling west on the TCH when it struck some slush and the driver lost control.  The vehicle did several 360 degree turns before going off the road and ended up upside down in a water filled ditch. The men parked their vehicles and ran to the ditch along with three other drivers who had also stopped.  The driver of the vehicle was trapped inside and the five men decided they had to try to lift the vehicle to allow the driver to escape.  They entered water up to their knees, quickly realizing that meant the driver of the vehicle was upside down and submerged in freezing water which was filling the drivers’ compartment.  The driver was also surrounded by airbags that had just gone off and was in great peril if the men could not lift the car – but they did it, and the driver was able to crawl out.   Had they not been there and lifted the vehicle quickly the driver mostly likely would have drowned. It was noted from the time they stopped until the rescue no other vehicles drove past the accident scene – this truly meant their efforts had made the difference between life or death. 

Congratulations to Wayne Baggs and Jim Short – you are truly heroes!

Did you know cutting a tree could be fatal?

Did you know cutting a tree could be fatal?

On Saturday, November 5, 2016, over 4,300 customers in the Lewisporte area experienced a lengthy power outage. This outage was the result of individuals cutting trees in close proximity to electrical infrastructure. In this instance, one of the trees actually fell directly into a high voltage transmission line.

Of cimage4ourse this creates a major safety concern for those in the immediate vicinity of the contact. It also results in needless power outages to homes and business, not to mention critical locations such as hospitals, clinics and customers that rely on electricity to run home-based medical support equipment.

In this particular case, Newfoundland Power crews that responded to the incident found significant evidence of burning on the tree and at the base where the tree had been standing. Not only could the individual who was cutting the tree have been seriously injured or killed, but the same could also apply to anyone that was in close proximity to the tree at the time of the contact. Make sure you think about this the next time you are cutting trees, whether you are completing a commercial job, or you are just out to cut firewood or find the perfect Christmas tree – as our safety ads say, make sure you Look Up Before You Cut.

It was only pure luck that no one was seriously injured or killed as result of this incident, however, we cannot say the same for similar situations in the past. Please don’t take this warning for granted. It could mean the difference between life and death. 

If you see someone cutting wood in close proximity to a power line please let us know immediately by calling our emergency line at 1-800-474-5711.

Think Safe. Live Safe. 

100,000 times…THANK YOU to our customers!


Yes, that’s right…we now have 100,000 customers who have chosen the convenient option of receiving their bill by email. We want to thank all of our customers who have signed up for ebills over the years. From the very first customer to sign up for this service to the 99,999 that followed, you all played a role in helping us reach this mark!

A shout out to Renee P. of Paradise, the 100,000 customer to sign up. Wade Hiscock, Director, Customer Service, visited Renee to present her with a token of appreciation.

If you are still not an ebills customer…what are you waiting for? There are still opportunities to WIN! Sign up for ebills before December 31, 2016, and you’ll be entered into monthly draws for prizes valued at $100. If you are an existing ebills customer, you will be automatically entered into the draws.

Visit https://secure.newfoundlandpower.com/customerrelations/youraccount/ebills/default.aspx for more information.

Once again, a big THANK YOU to all our ebills customers!

Fortis Inc. Enters the New York Stock Exchange


We’ll there’s one thing for sure, and that’s IT ALL STARTED HERE! Newfoundland Power has been serving electricity customers on the island of Newfoundland for nearly 130 years. Throughout that time we’ve remained focused on responding to our customers and continually improving operations. As Fortis grows in leaps and bounds, it continues to focus on these pillars of success.

On October 14, Fortis finalized its largest utility acquisition to date, adding the Michigan-based ITC Holdings to their line-up of subsidiaries. The $11.3 billion acquisition means that Fortis now has approximately 60% of its assets in the United States.

Today at approximately 11 a.m. NST, Fortis, joined by members of its subsidiary companies, will mark the official joining of the NYSE by ringing the opening bell on Wall Street. Fortis will trade under the ticker symbol “FTS” and will retain its listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange also under the symbol “FTS”.

Congratulations Fortis!